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Do You Have A Broken Or Foggy Window In Your Home?

Glass Local offers professional residential and commercial glass replacement services in the Portland Metro area. We use the latest methods to extract the broken glass from your window frame, without damaging the existing sash.

Never feel limited in choice! From replacing the glass insets in an antique compact to all-glass custom installations, the Glass Local team of specialists and manufacturing partners are a resource for you. Contact us today about making your project go from imagination to installation!

Glass Replacement

No matter how well your house was built, the windows will always be the weak link. With the average house having between 10 and 15 windows, broken windows, foggy glass, loose window panes, and any other problems associated with aging windows are more common than most would like.

A standard two-pane, double hung home window requires over 20 parts to fabricate. When the outer pane or both panes of glass are broken, the remaining window is normally unharmed and left in perfect condition. Replacing the glass is no easy task, however, our experienced team at Glass Local are experts at making it appear so.

One broken window can affect the integrity of your entire house. Letting hot air flow freely into the rooms of your house during the summer. In the winter months, your heating system will have to work harder to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

Broken windows also pose as a safety risk to you and your family as well as compromising security. Whatever the cause of the broken window, it is absolutely essential to replace the glass. Sound View Window & Door’s experts are here to help ease the stress and help protect the value and elegance of your home.

Window replacement is difficult, disruptive and expensive. Even if people have enough money to invest in replacement windows, they often choose to just repair their old windows. With replacement glass from Glass Local, you will be able to increase the energy efficiency of your old windows while retaining the historical character of the house.

By replacing your drafty or foggy windows with clear, UV protective, and energy efficient windows, you will save money month after month on your utility bill. Plus, you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance costs down the road. The solution is clear: Window replacements pay for themselves over time.

Windows With Stunning Clarity

Tiny scratches left from years of wiping and cleaning can reduce the crisp visibility of the outside world. New windows bring a high level of natural light and color definition into your home.

Energy Efficient Windows

The money you’ll save on your utility bills will surely pay off the cost of investing in brand new insulated windows that insulate your home more effectively.

Windows for Every Style And Shape

New windows from Glass Local can come in different shapes, styles, and specifications to fit your tastes and interior design.

UV-Blocking Windows

UV rays cause damage to flooring, artwork, and furniture inside. Go with windows that will extend the life and color of your interior from sun damage.

Same-Day Repair and Replacement

Foggy windows? Chips or cracks? We have you covered. We come directly to your property to repair or replace your windows quickly and effectively.

The Solution Is Clear: New Windows Work Wonders

The professionals at Glass Local know exactly what your windows and window areas need for maximum performance. We don’t cut corners–we cut out old or rotten window materials and replace any damaged wood, flashing, and replace them with brand-new, moisture-resistant, and air-tight sealant around the window space. That way, we guarantee your windows will be up to code and worth the investment for decades.